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Chiran Instant Matcha Latte Premix

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Award Winning Japanese Green Tea | Designed by the Finest Chashi | Sourced from Kagoshima, Japan | 7 Sachets of Goodness

Indulge yourself with  a sweet, aromatic and refreshing ice cold or steaming hot Matcha Latte when relaxing at home, during your break at office, or chilling with your friends at college. Great Experience, Anytime, Anywhere

Designed by the Finest:  Rich and Creamy Blend crafted by  a Grade 6 Tea Master (Chashi)

Authentic : Matcha Green Tea sourced from Kagoshima, Japan (Top producer of Japan Green  Tea) mixed with Jaggery and Sugar for a healthier yet most delicious combination of flavours

Ice Cold Matcha Latte: Add the sachet to 10 ml of warm water and mix thoroughly to dissolve. Add 140 ml of cold water/milk, stir and enjoy! For a better experience, Add 2-3 ice cubes or crushed ice.

Tea Guide

Hot Drink:
– Matcha is a powdered Japanese green tea, renowned for its vivid green color and intense flavor.
– As a hot Matcha Latte, it combines the richness of matcha with the creaminess of milk or a milk alternative.
– The taste is vegetal, smooth, and slightly sweet, with a pleasant umami undertone.
– The aroma is fresh and inviting, reminiscent of fresh-cut grass and oceanic elements.

Iced Drink:
– Iced Matcha Latte is a popular and delightful cold beverage, offering a bold and invigorating taste.
– When iced, the Matcha Latte maintains its vibrant green color and robust flavor, creating a refreshing and energizing experience.
– The iced Matcha Latte is perfect for those seeking a revitalizing and satisfying drink on warmer days.

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2 reviews for Chiran Instant Matcha Latte Premix


    This is absolutely Delicious!! It really feels like you are really in Japan~ and the packaging is simple yet elegant~ oishii desu~♡

  2. Tasichawang

    Keep calm and drink tea.

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