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For over 40 years, we at Hamada Global Trading continue to value:

Our roots, protecting our crafts and
traditions to sustainably carry
on the legacy to the future

Continuous research and improvements in our work, to give the best to our customers all over the world

The support of our customers, community, and partners helping us to be pioneers in the craft that we are proud of


For over 40 years, Hamada Global Trading has relentlessly worked to become one of Japan’s largest green tea manufacturers. Through diligence and care at every stage of the process, we bring out the maximum value, benefits, and unique blends for the tea you will consume.
Our brand Tea Meisters, brings to India, for the first time, a holistic certification course for corporates and individuals for Japanese tea.

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Founders Note

Ojichan Masaharu Hamada founded Hamada tea to empower the tea community of Chiran. As the grandson of the pioneer who made Chiran tea one of the famous producers in Japan, I am excited to continue his legacy by expanding Hamada Global trading to the world, starting from India. India is a country that I hold dear to my heart due to our shared cultural values and a strong sense of community.

Today we find ourselves in a world which is trying to connect to the future that it forgets its past, but we seek balance. I want to share our traditional craft & the joy of Japan’s finest products with Ojichan’s legacy in our hearts.

Hamada Global Trading Founder


1. What does Hamada Global Trading specialize in?

We specialize in crafting authentic Japanese tea, offering products like Instant Hojicha Latte, Instant Matcha Latte, and original Japanese Hojicha and Sencha Green Tea.

2. How do you ensure quality?

We personally source top-quality Japanese tea from Kagoshima, ensuring an authentic and rich tea experience. Our Level 6 Chasi (tea masters) handpick and craft each selection for unparalleled quality and genuine Japanese flavors. From our Japanese HQ Hamada tea, we transport and manage our Chiran Tea (India) exports in the best packaging that preserves the quality, richness and aroma of the tea.

3. How can I partner with Hamada Global Trading internationally?

To partner with us, contact us for (Indian) domestic partnerships at or call us at 9354262542, and for International partnerships at

4. Are Hamada Global Trading and Chiran Tea the same?

Hamada Global Trading is the parent company of Chiran Tea. We have been producing authentic Japanese tea varieties from Kagoshima, Japan since 1975. Our brand, Chiran Tea brings authentic & exclusive selection, deep-steamed process, and craftsmanship by tea masters, delivering a unique Japanese tea experience specifically for the tea lovers in India.

5. Does Hamada Global Trading offer bulk B2B purchase?

Yes, we offer bulk purchases under our brand  Chiran Tea for B2B businesses. We offer authentic Japanese tea varieties like Culinary & Ceremonial Matcha, Hojicha, Sencha, Gyokuro, Genmaicha, Instant Matcha Latte & Hojicha Latte. Visit our Bulk Orders page for more details.

To partner with Hamada, write to us

Email: | Ph no: +91 93542 62542 | Registered Address: No.2P, sector 31, Gurgaon, Haryana- 122001, India
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