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The Preparation of Chiran Sencha Tea

20/02/2023 | Uncategorized

Chiran Sencha is a variety of green tea brewed from the Yabukita breed of tea plant and is produced in the Chiran region of Japan. The Yabukita breed is the most popular tea cultivar in Japan due to its great production and steady quality. It is a breed discovered in Shizuoka between the end of the Meiji era and the Taisho era. The name comes from the original growing location, the north (Kita) part of a bamboo grove (Yabu). Currently the most popular variety of tea, making up 80% of overall production.

Harvesting the tea leaves is the first step in making Chiran Sencha. Only the freshest, most sensitive leaves are utilised when picking the leaves by hand. The oxidation process is then stopped by steaming these leaves, preserving their vibrant green colour and crisp flavour. The leaves are rolled and moulded into the classic sencha shape after steaming.

The leaves are meticulously roasted to bring out the distinctive flavour and aroma of the Chiran Sencha after they have been formed. Since roasting takes away any bitterness from the leaves and gives the tea its distinctive smoky flavour, it is essential. To prevent the tea from being over-roasted and burned, the temperature and duration of the roasting process are carefully regulated.

The tea is then sifted and graded in accordance with its quality after the roasting process is finished. Voila! We have fresh tea leaves ready for the brewing. Measure & put the leaves into the teapot, pour boiling water & put the lid on. Wait for 1 minute and pour into cups.

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